Seattle Party Rentals

Have everything for the children ‘s entertainment at accessible prices. If you are interested about simplify children’s entertainment in your events, you’re in the right place. Seattle Party Rentals provides rental service such as:

We offer a huge range of equipment from engineered tents and staging down to basic table settings

We work with all manner of organizations and individuals to plan events large and small, from the annual corporate party to an intimate backyard wedding. We pride ourselves on our award winning customer service and are happy to apply our expertise and knowledge to all aspects of an event – not just to our equipment!

Give us a call today at (206) 234-9385 and experience the Seattle Party Rental Difference!

Our Mission

To ensure our clients and their guests can celebrate life and connect in any season or fashion by making the rental process effortless, reliable, financially accessible, and above all enjoyable. To accomplish this, our service is our foremost priority. A chair is a chair, no matter which company delivers it. However, the right chair, on time, clean, and delivered with a smile sets the foundation for a great event. We aim to deliver only great events!

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